Master Esthetics – Advanced Skin Care

The Master Esthetics program at Glen Dow Academy requires the 1200 hours (about 40 school weeks) of instruction required by Washington State. In addition to the coursework and practices from Glen Dow’s Esthetics program, our Master Esthetics program includes valuable instruction in professional laser treatments, provided under the strict medical supervision of the National Institute of Medical Aesthetics (NIMA), as well as other advanced skin care services.

Graduates of the program will be prepared to take and pass the Washington State licensing examination. After graduating from the program and passing required licensing exams, you will have the knowledge, professional training, and real-world experience needed to start your career in skin care.

2019 Class Start Dates
September 17th
November 19th

2020 Class Start Dates
January 14th
March 17th
May 19th
July 14th
September 8th
November 10th

2021 Class Start Dates
January 12th
March 16th
May 18th
July 20th
September 14th
November 9th

Course Subject Matter:

  • Lasers, light frequency, radio frequency, ultrasound, and plasma practices;
  • Advanced client assessment, indications and contraindications, pre-treatment and post-treatment procedures;
  • Lymphatic drainage, advanced facial massages, alternative touch, spa body treatments compresses, massage, wraps, masks, exfoliation, medium depth peels, use of electrical and mechanical appliances, use of chemical compounds;
  • Temporary removal of superfluous hair by means including tweezing, waxing, tape, chemicals, lotions, creams, threading, mechanical and electrical apparatus and appliances;
  • Sanitization and disinfecting of individual work stations, individual equipment and tools, proper use and storage of linens, diseases and disorders of the skin of the face, neck, and hands;
  • Safety, including proper use and storage of chemicals, implements and electrical appliances, and first aid as it relates to esthetics.

Tuition: $13,032
Equipment, Textbook & Supplies*: $2,786.45
Uniforms: $95
Lab Fee: $341.22
Fees: Lab Fee: $116.22  / Drop Fee: $150  /  Re-entry Fee: $100

Total Cost: $16,608.24

Financial Aid Guide

 Normal time of completion: 40 school weeks

*Equipment and Textbook fees subject to change without notice; State exam and license fees not included.

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