The Esthetics course covers 750 hours of skin care training required by Washington State for licensure. This includes training in the use of:

  • Compresses, massage, masks, exfoliation, electrical or mechanical appliances, chemical compounds;
  • Temporary removal of superfluous hair by means including tweezing, waxing, chemicals, lotions, creams, mechanical or electrical appliances;
  • Sanitization and disinfecting of individual work stations, individual equipment and tools, and proper use and storage of linens;
  • Diseases and disorders of the skin of the face, neck, and hands;
  • Safety, including proper use and storage of chemicals, implements and electrical appliances, and first aid as it relates to esthetics.

Students shall train using a combination of mannequin and live client training, and will gain true practical knowledge and experience by providing services to models and patrons who regularly visit the Academy clinic. A more detailed course sequence outline is available in our school catalog.


2018 Class Start Dates
November 13th

2019 Class Start Dates
January 8th
March 14th
July 16th
September 17th
November 19th

Tuition: $6060.00
Equipment, Textbook, Supplies: $2561.45
Registration/Application Fee: $100

Uniforms: $95.00
Fees: Lab Fee: $141.22  /  Drop Fee: $150  /  Re-entry Fee $100

Total Cost: $9,191.44

Financial Aid Guide

Normal time of completion: 25 school weeks

SOC: 39.5094 CIP:12.0409

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