Our manicuring course covers the 600 hours of nail care training required by Washington State for licensure, as well as 60 additional hours. Manicuring students obtain a thorough knowledge of artificial nail application, removal, repair, manicuring, pedicuring, nail art, safety, and sterilization procedures. Students acquire practical experience on patrons who come regularly to the Academy clinic for their beauty services. To help achieve greater poise, self-assurance, and confidence, students are instructed by staff members in ethics, motivation, RCW, WAC’s, sales, salon business practices, how to conduct a job search, resume writing, and may participate in salon visits. More detailed course information, including lesson sequence, is available in our school catalog.

2019 Class Start Dates
September 17th
November 19th

2020 Class Start Dates
January 14th
March 17th
May 19th
July 14th
September 8th
November 10th

2021 Class Start Dates
January 12th
March 16th
May 18th
July 20th
September 14th
November 9th

Tuition: $6,395.40
Equipment, Textbook, Supplies: $1999.95
Registration/Application Fee: $100
Uniforms: $259.45
Fees: Lab Fee: $216.21  /  Drop Fee: $150  /  Re-entry Fee $100
Taxes: $201.09

Total Cost: $9,172.10

Financial Aid Guide

Normal time of completion: 22 school weeks

SOC: 39.5092 CIP:12.0410

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