Our Instructor course covers 600 hours of instruction training. Students acquire a thorough knowledge of teaching techniques, principles, evaluation methods, and applicable aspects of school operation.

Cadet instructors must be currently licensed in the subject/s they intend on teaching upon completion of their course (e.g. a cosmetology license is required to teach cosmetology).

Full-time schedule options include: Seven hours per day for 22 weeks.

The course employs a variety of instructional methodologies such as demonstrations, discussions, questions, and interactive lecture, individualized instruction, student and classroom presentations, labs and student salon activities.

Tuition: $3,960.00
Equipment, Textbook, Supplies: $363.50
Uniforms: $75.00
Application Fee: $100
Fees: Lab Fee: $100 / Drop Fee $150 /  Re-entry Fee $100
Taxes: $39.03

Total Cost: $4,637.53

Financial Aid Guide

Normal time of completion: 22 weeks

Course Subject Matter:

  • Lesson planning, student learning principles, teaching methods, written and practical assessment, classroom set up, classroom management and four-step method.
  • Development of system for analysis, charting, categorizing, validating, organizing, topic and subject matter, materials and supplies, record keeping, project methods, and working with advisory committee.
  • Develop instruction from analysis, organize and prioritize, group and sequence learning units, test and evaluation teaching aids, lectures demonstrations and develop questions and answers.
  • Effective leadership, student assignments, leading discussions, development of client relations, personality and conduct, interpersonal relationships, and client relations.
  • Practical classroom and clinic services, dispensary, inventory and maintenance.
  • Testing and rating, salon organization and management, audio-visual materials, philosophy of vocational education and techniques in individual instruction, reception and management, use of cash register, telephone techniques.

SOC: 25.1000

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