Friday October 16th, 2015

Glen Dow will be hosting our first Cut It Out event.

Come get your haircut at Glen Dow and 100% proceeds goes to Cut It out foundation to raise awareness to stop domestic violence.

Join us to help “CUT IT OUT”

Hair cuts start at $7, haircut blow dry $10, and cut, dry, style $14

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  • Jan

    “CUT IT OUT” My first time to hear of this, what a wonderful idea, kudos to who ever started this program.
    My prayer is that not only do we as Cosmetologists, but all of us learn to recognize not only physical abuse, but also verbal, mental, and sexual abuse. Even those of us who have been abused in our past find it hard to recognize abuse……….because we think its “normal”. Its easy when you know you are being beat up, or raped, that you are being abused………..these abuses leave visible scars. Its more difficult when the abuse is verbal or mental…… don’t see the “bruises”. Or we see and hear it happening but we are fearful of losing our jobs, or our friends, or family, because normally when we stand up to the abuser we are alone…….. Or we blow it off for fear of not being believed! My prayer is that we stand up and say “NO MORE” without fear.
    I also pray for the abusers, that they learn that these things, physical, verbal, mental, sexual are “NOT O.K.” no matter who you are. That the abuser recognizes and understands what abuse is and can stand up and say, ” I am sorry, I was wrong, I need help”. Most of the time I have found in my lifetime that the abuser is in complete DENIAL.
    My prayer is that we can work together, respect each other, love each other, be compassionate and caring…………….and stop hurting each other.

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