Graduate, Hair & Makeup Artist at Vida Salon & Spa

Brianna Frost

My practical exam results came in and I passed (thank God)! My cosmetology license is on its way and I start my amazing new job at Vida Salon & Spa tomorrow. I’m so blessed to have the opportunities that have been presented to me this year. I’m ready to work hard and I want to make sure everyone who’s helped me along the way this year knows how grateful I am. The support really meant a lot to me.

I would like to thank all of my instructors from Glen Dow Academy for my year of valued education. I appreciate every little word of advice and every question that was answered. So thank, Martin Dow for not only convincing me to go for cosmetology and then prepping me for my exams so quickly, but for looking after me after leaving your school by introducing me to my new mentor, Jennifer Barnes Tucker. You are a match maker. I can’t wait to rock the world of cosmetology with this woman at the beautiful Vida Salon.

Thank you, Pamela Burwell, for understanding my bright and shiny ADD personality and preparing me so thoroughly in the first eight weeks before moving onto the clinic floor. I love you and will always cherish our random discussions about health, psychology and Nick Cage.

Thank you, Jan Eaton Cornehl for all the encouragement during my toughest moments on the floor. Your love of life in truly contagious and I’m so happy I had the honor of being one of your students.

Korrie Elixman, Jennifer Burns and Nick Ohlson, thank you for teaching and working with me on my weak points in cutting and coloring. The lessons you taught me and the advice you shared with me – I am eternally grateful for them. Also, thank you Danielle Blatter for not only befriending me as a new girl on the clinic floor, but helping me during school and after school. I can’t imagine where I would be without your kind heart and helping hand. You are going to be a phenomenal instructor, and any student of yours now or in the future is crazy if they don’t appreciate every piece of advice they get from you. Love you girl!

I, of course, have a lot more thank yous but I know I can not fit them all. I will end with this: my most memorable moment during my time at GDA was a day I was actually dreading in a way – my graduation day. I was gong to be the only one on stage, graduating alone, without the class I had started the year with. I was not excited to be on stage flying solo and was convinced it wasn’t going to be anything special. I was SO wrong. That graduation ceremony was probably the most thoughtful, unforgettable and SURPRISING event of my life! The way you all made it so outrageously unconventional with the disco ball madness, the slideshow, and the son written just for me will NEVER be forgotten. 🙂